Monday, 27 June 2011

Karen Mc Lean: Primitive Matters

Being in Folkestone was brilliant, and to be a part of the Triennial felt so special! I decided to take my piece "Primitive Matters" as these pieces fitted into the context of the Triennial "A Million Miles Away from Home." I was in the Bouverie Place shopping plaza where people were going in to do their shopping and stopped to ask me questions about the context of the work. When they did they stayed, and were curious about the context, history, how they were made and materials.

Some of the comments were: 

"Thank you for sharing your huts and photographs with us here in Folkestone, I look forward to seeing many more." 

"This really puts things into context. It's hard to imagine that people still live in shacks like these. Makes me realise how fortunate I am. I guess we take things for granted and still moan."

"Made me feel a little uneasy as I walked past with bags full of shopping of things I don't really need! Very interesting work indeed!"

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