Monday, 27 June 2011

José Forrest-Tennant: Detritus Part I

Comments from audiences today: "It was humbling - felt like I was in the book 'The     Road'. "God-like: looking down on the sand and civilisation. Difference in texture under your feet. Immersive, made me take notice of the small detail in everyday things, shapes and beauty".

This has been a fantastic experience, the audiences have been brilliant and not at all backwards in coming forwards with their comments, experience, thoughts and memories when encountering 'Detritus'. The experience has given me lots of food for thought in regards developing the piece further. I couldnt' have picked a better venue than The Cube as the staff have been so welcoming and supportive in encountering audiences to draw them into the space and in regards their support to me. I can't wait to come back!