Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dilwara Begum: The Arrival

There was a steady hum of conversation on the train as we; eight artists travelling from landlocked Birmingham journey to Folkestone and arrive smoothly at 3.30pm.  We check into Langhorne Garden Hotel, have a short rest and then head straight to one of our exhibiting venues; University Central Folkestone to do a health and safety check. This evening was brilliant – we found ourselves at the opening party and private view of the festival and had the opportunity to see the wonderful and inspiring art works of Hew Locke ‘For Those In Peril On The Sea’ and Charles Avery’s ‘The Sea Monster’. Both artists work dominate the discussion at our first proper meal of the day at the Golden Dragon on Tontine Street. On walking back we come across a very interesting corner shop. Although closed we look in and see maps, books and a floor-to-ceiling of various sized photo frames. We realise this is one of the Triennial artists work, an installation by Hala Elkoussy entitled ‘Al-Khawag and Johnny Stories’. We’ll make sure to come back during the opening hours.

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