Friday, 24 June 2011

Dilwara Begum: Intervention at Bouverie Place Shopping Centre

The intervention that takes place attracts shopping centre employees and shoppers alike.

                                  ‘It’s interesting, makes you look twice.’

                                         ‘Wanted to know more...interesting installation.’

Emma from the site management office came down to see the installation. She spent time reading the text on ‘Dead Weight’ and ‘EChO’ before taking a closer look at ‘Migration of Dead Weight’. The text has been etched onto forklift pallets that were salvaged, reclaimed and reworked as kind of rustic furniture come installation pieces. This gives them a new lease of life through the symbolic and aesthetic nature of the pieces.

                                          ‘Interesting conversation pieces...’

Two friends with pushchairs and a dog stop to have a look and get into a deep conversation with each other. I overhear their discussion regarding the text and what it means to them. I’m enjoying their interpretation and relationship with my art work and soon get into conversation with them and document our remaining discussion. They enjoy the intervention and see it as a welcome interruption to an otherwise mundane day. Later that afternoon a group of young Afghan men stop and share their experience of displacement, migration, the effect on their war torn country and the separation and loss of their family.

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