Friday, 24 June 2011

Dilwara Begum: What is it?

‘Migration of Dead Weight’ instigated questions and evoked peoples thoughts. I heard the audience talk amongst themselves; ‘What is it?’ it bean bags?
... are they pebbles or misshapen tennis balls?
... eggs?                                                                                                                          ... are they for juggling?
It’s lots of fun...

                                    What is it?

Migration of Dead Weight’ explores global issues of displacement and migration, with questions of ethics, legality and faith coming into play.
The stone, a metaphor for dead bodies, is ceremonially wrapped in a single piece of white cloth that refers to the burial rituals of the Islamic faith. The fabric is adorned with stitches in bright coloured threads to express the essence of life as precious. There is a simultaneous narrative of my cultural heritage. Each stone is numbered as a death count. My work seeks to question injustice and the loss of innocence and devastation that can erupt within societies.

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