Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dan Auluk: 'almost famous forever'

Saturday 25th June 2011

Aim:              To develop a dialogue with people from Folkestone.


1)                   To smile at an annoymous person.
2)                   To then go up to them an introduce myself.
3)                   Explain my project in brief and ask them if it is okay I take a snap shot 
                      of them with me.
4)                   Ask them to look slightly apprehensive like a celebrity might.

Particpant #1: Glenda ( a Northern lady who now lives in Folkestone and loves it here)

A lovely lady who spoke to myself and Mark for ages about why she loves Folkestone and how wonderful Cornellia Parker's 'Mermaid' is and how people are losing the sense of community.

We were all approached by ITN News and were interviewed, individually, about our thoughts on 'Mermaid'. None of us made into the final edit shown later on the TV at 6pm!

After taking the photo with my flip camera phone of Glenda and I, I asked if i could email the photo to her but she explained that she does not use email and was happy for me to write to her. She gave me her address which I typed into my phone. I will be sending the printed photo and letter to her when I get back to Birmingham.Hope this dialogue with Glenda continues.

I approached several other residents that day with the same idea and no one really wanted to take part - I think my windswept overgrown hair frightened them away! Will try this idea again at some point - needs rethinking!

Images below of the Cornelia Park interviews by BBC and ITN. See if you can spot her!

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