Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dan Auluk: 'the isolation of beauty'

Friday 24th June 2011

Todays task is to paint the tree in the courtyard of the University with natural glow in the dark paint.(9am -11am)

(A big thanks to Debbie Crofts at The University for all her help)

Visit as many works in the Triennial to plan my 'postcards from the edge: folkestone' work. (11am - 5pm)

The plan is to take a photograph of the tree once darkness has fallen. (after 10.30pm)
Attend the opening of the private party at the Quaterhouse for all the artists who took part in the Folkestone Triennial. (7pm - late)

I went to the uni around 10pm to take a photo of my glow in the dark tree but access was no allowed. I tried to explain the idea behind my work to the security guards, through the intercom but the answer was still no. Interesting successful failure that I managed to be excluded from documenting my own work. How ironic when the tree was intended to glow for the secuurity guards and night time staff.
Fireworks were amazing!

Went back to the quarterhosue to party!

Party continued in a local bar - I think every local man here has a tatoo!Mabye one day I'll come back and just photograpgh all the tatooed arms of the the folk in Folksestone! Invite all the particpants to the exhibition to find their arm?

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